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Visual Arts Scotland FLY Exhibition 2016 Pre Selection

I’m thrilled to be able to say that ‘Trade Entrance’, one of my works from the Assemblage / Disassemblage series Arrangements, has been pre-selected for this years Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition FLY.

The exhibition will open from the 3 – 27 December at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

Read more on the ‘Arrangements’ series below:


Is a new body of work in part inspired by the Japanese notion of wabi-sabi, or ‘beauty in imperfection’, and the idea that everything has its own energy, and in that sense is persuasive or causal.

In curating these arenas of possibility, the artist has attempted to step back and act as a conduit, any gestures on his part being non-descriptive, governed by an intuitive reaction to the content.

Objects have been selected, seemingly at random, from a vast collection of images and found objects, primarily from the artist’s archive of thousands of his own photographs. Selected elements from the overall frame of the photograph are often of little intrinsic value and often come from the periphery of an image.

Each of these hundreds of elements has been selected from a different source and through layers of process, whittled down to a point of near-obscurity, while still just retaining a trace recognisable visual element.

Each element then goes through an additional stage of treatment as a personal reaction to its content, feel or energy, before being placed on the canvas. Segments of photographs, often as a medium shorthand for an absolute verity or authenticity of image, are now slowly merged back into the fluidity of paint, becoming either defiled or harmonising with the whole, and superseded by the possibility of fluid expression. The pieces are then choreographed into meticulous arrangements, each in the process of evolution.

Some elements are varnished and preserved, given focus and import – others have been sanded or eroded or destroyed by household bleach until they barely resemble the source material, and indeed return to a state of pulp close to that of their origin, or mesh back into the paint. With this organic process in a constant state of motion, it is impossible to say exactly when an arrangement has reached a point of resolution or completion. It is an intended paradox that the pinnacle of an arrangement’s existence co-exists with its demise. This is also the reason why circular canvases have been chosen and pristine frames are obliterated.

As the sculptural paintings progress they are exhibited, although the process of their evolution is still ongoing, much like moss covering a tree. Each exhibition marks the evolution of live works. This body of work will continue to be shown at varying stages.

These works explore both the syntax of the juxtaposed materials and the notion of the authorship of the viewer. They sit between the banal and seductive, waiting to be activated by the viewer’s eye.

There is a deliberate ambiguity left in these densely crafted abscapes, so that perhaps they might one minute allude to an Arctic landscape, the next the shifting forms of a screensaver, or an atom, the shapes a life can make.

Pictured: Trade Entrance


Acrylic and Pantone Ink, Collage, Newspaper, Pulp, Wallpaper, Gauze, Household Varnish, Oil on recycled MDF on Brass, 60 x 60cm

Work In Progress

© the artist